Rotogravure and flexographic printing

Flexography is a relief plate printing system based on the transfer of ink in polymer matrices with graphics in relief that transfer the ink to the substrate to be printed. Flexographic printing is ideal for short runs: set-up times are reduced and the printing plates in polymer are cheaper than those used in rotogravure printing.

The rotogravure printing is a depression printing system: it is based on the transfer of ink to metal cylinders engraved with small cavities from which the ink is released to the substrate to be printed. The main reason for the lustre of rotogravure printing is given by the fact that the ink is not pressed(typography) or (offset) but taken from the support while maintaining shine and coverage. Rotogravure printing aims to make the package more attractive from an aesthetics standpoint and therefore attract the consumer’s attention; it is ideal for medium and long runs.