Our cosmetic and personal cleaning packaging

has guaranteed thanks to a careful selection of the raw materials used, the maximum quality, resistance and barrier of the laminated, even in the presence of oils and essences, both natural and high in alcohol.

We supply single-dose envelopes, refillable doypack on laminated paper and plastic film polishes, pieces of soap paper with hot-melt coating for creams, shampoos, liquid and semi-liquid products, patches for cosmetic treatments, soap and liquid soaps.

Packaging for: creams, shampoos, liquid and semi-liquid products, patches for cosmetic treatments, soap and liquid soaps

Papers and films for industry packaging

Flexible packaging for industry increasingly requires moisture, gas and light barrier and thermal insulation to meet a growing number of applications.

Our company is constantly studying to create new structures to protect industrial products during transport or storage even in difficult climatic areas.

Starting with 2-layer plastic laminates, polyester and polythene, using transparent HB films to reach high barriers, up to 3-layer films, pet / alu / polythene, and it is the aluminum that guarantees the high moisture barrier.

CASALINI E VISCARDI produces flexible packaging ideal to satisfy the many market requirements for packaging of industrial products ensuring both gas and light barrier properties and excellent mechanical characteristics.

Packaging for stickers, cards and tattoos

We supply four-sachet bags and flow pack with paper or metallized paper with cold welded, poly-coated paper, monofilm or laminated film / metallized film.

Our pet food packaging

We offer a range of food bags for small and medium-sized animals like dogs, cats and fishes on customized packaging which is enhanced by glossy or opaque lacquering , in reel and envelope laminated duplex and triplex both paper or film.

Packaging for: food for dogs, cats and small fish

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