Our packaging for pharmaceutical and first aid products

guarantee the effectiveness and correct conservation of pharmaceutical powders, gauzes and patches, which need to be carefully manufactured with high quality raw materials.
CASALINI is next to customers with method and skills since more than 20 years and, thanks to them, has started a path of growth and continuous improvement. The commercial and fiduciary relationship with the customer is central for the development of projects and investments.
The legislative regulations in force on primary packaging materials are restrictive and must be verified and implemented with great precision and care. The packaging approved by the customer is subordinate to tests and analysis throughout the production process, and as support, by accredited laboratories.
Powders, granulates, gels and liquids packaging keep the product steady over time and preserve its organoleptic characteristics.
We supply single-dose bags and stick patches on cards and films with cold or medical seal.

  • Paper / aluminum / polythene laminates
  • Aluminum / polythene
  • Film / aluminum / polythene
  • Film / polythene

Packaging for: pharmaceutical powders, gauzes and patches

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