boasts more than half a century experience.
dal 1958

Founded in 1958, Casalini e Viscardi has achieved more than 50 years of experience in the flexible packaging industry.
The founders, Angelo Casalini and Bruno Viscardi, asserted themselves on the market at the end of the 50s, producing food packaging such as:

double bow twist paper for candy, paper laminated aluminum for chocolate and polythene papers for sugar sachets, baking powder, saffron, barley and chocolate; in the 70s they achieved the medical sector, particularly for patches and medical gauzes and started the production of 4 seal packets for stickers / cards with application of cold in-line solders on paper and film.

In the last twenty years, the company, in addition to the original application fields, has been able to invest in technology and human resources; thanks to the commitment, willingness and determination of its property and workers, it got to new and important market shares: pharma, cosmetics and personal and home care, pet food.


Casalini offers different packaging solutions for every market need, quick responses, flexibility and quality in the service.
We are skilled in rotogravure printing, lamination, waxing and cutting.
Inside we have:
– An office dedicated to prepress service to guarantee the most suitable solution to the customer’s needs and to monitor the whole work starting from the original file (photographs, images and texts) to the cylinder engraving, which has entrusted to specialized suppliers who guarantee quality and speed in the process.
– A quality laboratory that controls each production phase and process:

  • Measurement and verification of color tones
  • Bar code reading verification
  • Solvent retention
  • Resistance to delamination
  • Resistance to welding
  • Grammage
  • Measurement of the Cof
Corporate Values

Quality, safety and environmental protection.

Our corporate values are addressed to maximum efficiency, to the pursuit of quality company structure, flexibility in service, production and warehouse management.

Over the years, we have placed customer service among our core values, promptly and carefully assessing every single need:

  • Fast answer times about information requests
  • Possibility to follow the customer, from graphic development to production
  • Assistance, technical and qualitative support in choosing the most suitable materials for packaging

Today, the experience achieved in more than half a century of activity allows CASALINI to ensure its customers high quality product standards.
Attention to the environment is guaranteed by technologically advanced production machinery, which guarantees reduced energy consumption, less use of inks, glues and solvents, limited production waste and constantly monitored, and by high-efficiency systems that reduce emissions in the atmosphere, through the integration of a Brofind post-combustor.

Our latest generation machinery allow us to carry out both small and large print orders, guaranteeing in any case reduced times, punctual deliveries and competitive prices.

CASALINI pursues the highest quality by applying accurate controls:

  • in the research and selection of raw materials constantly informed and updated about the continuous technical and market developments thanks to the exchange of information between film, paper, ink and glue producers and its staff
  • In the purchase of raw materials from the main European producers, suitable for contact with food, as required by national legislation and European Community directives.
    The continuous updating of the technicians, especially with regard to the legislation in force on packaging materials, allows the company to adopt new solutions to keep up with the needs of the market.
    Particular attention is addressed to the selection of materials with low environmental impact and / or from renewable and natural sources.
  • Thanks to the monitoring of the production phases, making use of its quality laboratory that carries out tests, analysis on incoming and outgoing materials, using new-generation instruments for measuring color, solvent residue, thickness and weight; it stores the packaging samples and the certificates relating to each production and order, guaranteeing the traceability of the lot and the entire production process.
Code of Ethics

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