Product quality


The commitment of CASALINI e VISCARDIis constantly oriented to ensure quality, safety, hygiene and environmental protection.

CASALINI e VISCARDI pursues the contents of the quality with careful controls of the raw materials, continuous monitoring during the various stages of production, to ensure a finished product of high quality.

For applications in the food industry, CASALINI e VISCARDI guarantees the use of raw materials purchased from leading European manufacturers, suitable for use with food products, as required by national legislation and the Directives of the European Community. The continuous updating of the technologies we use, especially in the field of legislation on packaging materials for the food industry, also allows us to adopt new solutions to keep up with the demands of the market.

The experience gained over more than half a century means that today CASALINI e VISCARDI is able to guarantee its customers high quality product standards and competitive prices.