The company

CASALINI e VISCARDI vhas over fifty years experience in this field.  Since it was established in 1958, it has grown in the field of printing and that of paper and plastic film conversion for flexible packaging material for food and non-food items, in reels for use on automatic vertical and horizontal machines and in sheets, able to cover the needs of all sectors: food, confectionery, pharmaceutical, dietetic, cosmetic, chemical and industrial.

Our corporate values ​​are aimed

  • at maximising efficiency,
  • at pursuing organizational, relational and economic quality,
  • at providing flexibility in our service, production, inventory management.

Our organization offers ongoing support to customers, with the ability to advance the materials needed for the first part of urgent productions and ensure the delivery balance according to specific needs.

Our facilities and equipment allow us to carry out orders for both small and large runs, guaranteeing tight schedules, punctual delivery and competitive prices.

The production complex covers an area of ​​14,000 m2 of which 7,500 are covered.