Wrappers for the food industry

Wrappers that guarantees the protection of the quality of food products and a longer shelf life.

Wrappers for soluble products for drinks, tea, food supplements

Wrappers for dehydrated products, cocoa, barley, coffee, freeze-dried foods, juice in powder, sugar.

  • paper+aluminium+polyethylene
  • paper+polyethylene
paper+metalized polypropylene
  • polyester+aluminium+polyethylene

Wrappers for spices and dressings, both in liquid and powder form

  • polyester+aluminium+polyethylene
  • polyester+metalized polyester+polyethylene
  • paper+aluminium+polyethylene
  • poly coated paper

Wrappers for confectionery: wrappers for biscuits, flour based products, sweet and savoury snacks.

  • poly coated paper
  • paper + aluminium + polyethylene
paper + metalized polypropylene
  • polyester + polyethylene
  • polyester + aluminium + polyethylene
  • polyester + polypropylene (lacquered, coex, foamed, metalized)
  • polypropylene + polyester (metalized) + polyethylene
  • polypropylene + polyethylene
  • polypropylene + polypropylene (lacquered, coex, foamed, metalized)
  • polypropylene + cold seal
  • polypropylene (lacquered, coex, foamed, metalized)

Wrappers for chocolate sticks, bars and sachets, chewing gum, sweets and chocolates.

  • paraffin wax coated and laminated twisting
  • paper
paper+ double-waxed aluminium
  • waxed paper
  • poly coated paper
  • paraffin waxed paper
  • aluminium+wax+paper
paper+aluminium+hot melt
  • aluminium+paper+hot melt
  • polyester+aluminium+polyethylene
  • polypropylene coex
  • polypropylene +polypropylene
polypropylene +cold seal

Twist wrappers with aluminium band on paper and plastic film for sweets, chocolates, nougats for single or double twist packaging.
Multipack wrappers for chocolates and sweets.

Wrappers for dairy products, butter, cheese.

  • paper+pe
  • paper+aluminium
  • aluminium+wax+paper
  • polyester+aluminium+polyethylene
  • polyester+polyethylene
  • polypropylene +polyethylene

Wrappers for food products from the agro-food industry.

Wrappers for food products such as ice cream and frozen foods.

Wrappers for food products such as rice, pasta, polenta and flour.